We Need to Talk About… Made in Scotland

We Need to Talk About… Made in Scotland

The attractive window of Cranachan and Crowdie, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Rome: Sto Bene meaning literally  I’m OK.  Underneath it says “The pleasure of premium food and drink from the region. Tastes and traditions.”

You have to give it to the Italians who are rightly proud of their excellent local produce, be it food or wine. I can’t help feeling that we should be following their lead when it comes to celebrating the equally outstanding qualities of Scottish textiles and highlighting the Made in Scotland story. This is particularly true along Edinburgh’s popular Royal Mile where numerous interpretations of so called “Scottish” products abound and it can be tricky for the first time visitor to easily distinguish between what is, and what is not, really Made in Scotland.

Thank goodness for the lovely Edinburgh giftshop Cranachan and Crowdie (@cranachancrowd), located at the top of the Canongate on the Royal Mile, where you can be sure that all their products, be it delicious food and drink or exquisite craft,  are of Scottish origin. Here you can be assured of a warm welcome from the very friendly and knowledgeable staff who are only too happy to give the inside story (and let you have a taste!) of their carefully selected Scottish products.

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